Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrap it before you tap it.

Welcome! I am most excited about this new blogging project, and I hope you also are. The idea, I suppose, was to create an engaging and accessible blog about reproductive health.

You see, where I live, comprehensive sex ed is illegal in public schools. We have enormous chlamydia rates and I know several girls who became pregnant during high school. A nearby middle school (that's 7-8th grade) had a chlamydia outbreak last year. Unacceptable, right? Last year, I acquired about 400 free condoms and handed them out at my school-- guerilla condom distribution (GCD?), I called it, but there were some risks. One lively young fellow opened his and rubbed some lube/spermicidal fluid in my hair. My principal, as cooperative as she is, couldn't legally let me leave a bowl of them in the bathroom-- I got in a tiny spot of trouble for that one. So, while I am still enthusiastically handing out condoms, I thought another, less dangerous project would be apt. And remember folks, no glove = no love!


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