Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accessible rubber.

One relatively common deterrent to wearing condoms is having condoms-- they can be expensive and the judgmental glances from cashiers aren't an appealing prospect, per se. However, as unappealing as the embarrassing/expensive risks may seem, they are by far outweighed by the benefits. However, there's no reason not to makes it easier for you, eh? Here are your options:

1: Most drugstores sell them, as I'm sure you know. Try buying them in bulk so you'll have to face the eyebrows of the employees less frequently. Of course, I am an advocate of speaking and acting openly, so if you want to do the world a favor, feel free to march proudly into Walgreen's in a manner that says, "I am not into Condom Stigma. I'm safe and I'm proud!" and buy yourself a pack. It's very liberating.

2: You can also order them online. From the Trojan guys or you can get them for free. (Also, how many times can I link that website on this blog? A lot.) My dear friend Kit Slover had the brilliant idea of being able to subscribe to condom deliveries, I think that should definitely be a thing. Is it? Maybe.

3: Planned Pear often gives them away for free. The one where I volunteer gives them away for free if you get three, but they cost five for a dollar (what if you want four?! That troubles me.) Which is actually a pretty good deal. And if you live somewhere where Planned Pear gets lots of funding (such as California, or "Cali, brah!!!!!!") they might give them to you for free. I get them by the box from P.P. because I am a distributor... they just kind of give them to me every once in a while.

4: Speaking of which, you can also get them from me. I am always happy to get rid of them because I have far too many, and the young'uns who live in my house are exceedingly curious.

This one time, I tried to put them in the bathroom at my school-- it was Halloween, and so I put them in a little plastic Trick-or-Treating pumpkin. It didn't work out incredibly well because my principal wasn't enthused, necessair. However, it was fun while it lasted. What are your thoughts on condoms being in schools? Obviously I think they should be available, but it's a controversial issue, even among advocates of comprehensive sex ed. I think there should be buckets of them all over-- it should be harder not to have condoms than it is to have them, ya dig?

And who should buy condoms, you might wonder? The man or the woman?
You should, that's who. Yes, you.

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