Saturday, July 31, 2010

Multiple Choice

Pick one:

a. Cancer

b. Genital warts

c. A series of three shots

M'ladies, and gents as well, each and every one of you should go get the Gardasil shot immejut. I will offer the lowdown on HPV on Thursday, but for now I would like to remind you to get vaccinated against it. Even if you are a virgin, even if you're planning on waiting for marriage or if you are married, you should get this vaccination. Just do it to humor me, if nothing else. The benefits of the shot outweigh the risks by such a great amount, and the shot is really not a big deal. I got vaccinated a few years ago-- three shots over the course of a few months. The shot itself hurts a tiny bit, and it feels like you got punched in the arm the next day, but come on-- I'd rather get punched in the arm every day than get some genital warts or cancer. For women, it's particularly important-- this vaccination can protect you from cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer, as well as genital warts. For the gentlemen, this vaccination can protect you from genital warts.
Parents, get your kids vaccinated. The earliest you can do it is 9-- it might feel weird to think of your little baby contracting an STD/STI, but you'll feel great about yourself and much safer on your child's behalf having done so.


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