Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's time to give thanks.

It's the week of Thanksgiving. A wonderful holiday, a wonderful week. But, while we're so excited about heading home (or to our lovely roommate's home), filling our bellies with turkey (or tofurkey), and playing a little football (or dozing off in a pile of loved ones on the couch), we mustn't forget to give thanks. And, especially since this blog cannot offer a home, a game of football, or any t(of)urkey, this week will be a week of giving thanks most Precoochious! Although might feel over-facetweeted and although times may not be so simple and honest as they were in the olden days, there are some pretty divine things about the 21st century and many of them have to do with reproductive health. This week, I will tell you all about them! Get excited!


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